I love weddings like this….

So welcome and thanks for dropping by!

There are so many elements to a wedding and no two celebrations are ever the same, I think now more than ever you can create something that really feels bespoke and personal.

Sometimes a wedding stands out as it has a particular feel about it and this wedding most definitely did. The relaxed Bride and Groom and the love and excitement bouncing off their friends and family was really special. They just seemed to relax and enjoy it, made sure they planned things they would enjoy and took time to chill and soak up their celebration.

They were extremely relaxed about the images, liking my reportage style and the fact that they didn’t have to pose all day and could create a bespoke package fitting the timeline they wanted.

We met up to discuss the day and their thoughts beforehand but didn’t do a venue visit, they lived further away and they couldn’t fit it in to the schedule and that’s fine. A venue visit is a good idea but not essential, especially if you are pretty chilled out about the day (and as long as the postcodes you’ve given are correct!)

This was my first time shooting at Lodge Park and it blew me away, their church was also stunning, from the front a quintessentially pretty English countryside church but around the back their were the most fantastic ruins which provided an amazing photo opportunity!

So, here are some of the images from Ed and Hermione’s wedding, a real corker!