Branding Page

So, branding photography, what is it? A chance to make your business stand out, be more relatable and more YOU!!! 

People would much rather work with/buy from/trust a person than just a name or logo, so let your clients know who you are, what you can do for them and who is behind your brand.

Much like all branches of my photography these are relaxed, modern portraits in a natural environment.

These images can be used for your website, social media, events and printed promotions too.

Whether you are looking for some fresh headshots for your website, content for social media, stills of products or to capture the heart and story of your business from where you work through to you in action at work we can create something you’ll be proud to share!

We can also add in fantastic Make up artists to help you glow when you say hello!

Headshots  (plus editing time) £175

2 hour shoot (inclusive of changes of outfit/look and product shots) £350

4 hour session (as above and inclusive of pre shoot style board and planning session) £700

Make up Artist for the day for changes of style/looks and refreshes to make up throughout the day £175

Make up done for the day £80


It’s frustrating not to be able to show off your products in the best light (literally) so I can work with you to capture your products in a desirable way. 

We would discuss what your business ethos is, who your clients are, what you want to say to your clients and then create and relay this in clean, bright images.

Ensuring you have the look you really want to promote your goods.

As each project is so individual please contact me for pricing.