Two years of mayhem!

My ‘baby’ boy is now 2! So as it’s all about what he’d enjoy we made sure his Birthday celebrations were active, cake fuelled and full of friends and family (and tractors obviously)!

We know this gorgeous gang (below pics) through doing Anti Natal Classes and the then bumps have ended up being friends that Wilfie (my son) sees week in, week out.

It’s great to see how they are all growing up and creating their own entertainment.

Two years of mayhem, of having little boys have also meant there’s been plenty of times when we’ve been worn out, worried and having a ‘support network’ (gang of chatty awesome ladies) means a laugh and reassurance is only ever a message/phone call away. They are such a rock to me and although every child and parenting style is different we all just want happy, healthy, friendly boys that sleep well!

So I really hope that until they won’t let us we will carry on taking one shot (at least) to mark their Birthdays and getting them altogether, our wild and crazy boys.

Boys from left to right Isaac, Max, Noah, Charlie and Wilfie.0093 lr watermarked0089 lr watermarked