Radio Silence…

There has been a total lack of social media-ness in the last couple of weeks and I thought I’d just Blog a quick ‘hello’!

July whizzed by in a total blur of weddings, both small, intimate and massive and spangly ones (featuring a marquee with an actual fountain inside no less, wowsers!- preview to follow soon). To add to the fun we have started to have our house renovated to turn it into the ‘dream home’ we always knew it could be, so in amongst the dust and mud I’m frantically adding to my Dream House scrap book (that’s not tragic is it??! 😉 haha, I know it is! )

We also had our first foreign family holiday with our son (rapidly approaching 2 years old, ahoy there terrible twos!) Which was wonderful, different with child in tow but great fun, even the dreaded flight was fun.

We went to France for our lovely friends Elizabeth and Ben’s Wedding and I finally got to meet my namesake, their photographer Susie Lawrence, as I was enjoying being ‘off duty’ it was lovely to see them safely in her hands! As Susie said on her Facebook post- “Susie Lawrence Photography meets Suzi Lawrence Photography! My namesake was a guest at today’s wedding. Lovely to meet her x”

And it really was! Here we are and some more shots from Holibobs to follow soon too! xxIMG_3247 IMG_3239 IMG_3157