Happy New Year!!! 2015 here we come….

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope fun and festive frolicks were had by all! I’m feeling very excited about 2015 and can’t wait to capture and enjoy some more amazing moments! The New Year is a great chance to make plans, refresh and feel inspired! As I’m all about making your wedding day as special and relaxed as possible you can count on me to be ‘Team Bride’ (or Groom!) all the way.  I can help you out with planning or any contacts before the big day, pick confetti out of your hair on the day (and cheer your AMAZING first dancing skills) it’s all part of the service! After all it’s your big day, your moment and it should be perfect, so let’s get cracking with 2015!!!!!! GO TEAM BRIDE, GO!!!!



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Adding to my New Year joy the bride in this image just messaged me some truly lovely feedback… “Team Bride all the way!!! We finally got round to showing my mum all the photos and her comment-I don’t know where you found your photographer but these pictures are incredible and I’ve never seen wedding photos like it! She’s amazing!!” MEANS THE WORLD!!! YEAH!!!!!