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Models required for styled wedding shoot!

One of the great things about being a photographer is creating an image as well as capturing those that happen naturally. I’ve done a few styled wedding shoots and I really, really enjoy them, they give you the chance to work with other brilliant suppliers and to essentially ‘play’ with creative ideas and looks.

I have been very keen to do one for a while but finding the time has been tricky. I am lucky to have some fantastic suppliers lined up to work with and it looks like I may be doing a couple as there is almost too much to fit into 1 shoot! I have already got a couple of models ready but it’s always good to have more as different models lend themselves to different looks and styles. This next Styled Wedding Shoot is in a beautiful venue that I’m yet to shoot a wedding at but it is a photographers dream, it’ll be a very rustic and a ‘boho’ look, using lots of natural, outdoor light and (fingers crossed for sunshine) mostly in the gardens.

I like to reflect all the wonderful shapes and sizes that women are so will be hoping to photograph some plus sizes too.

I like to work with non professional models as it can often result in some stunning natural images that really WOW the models and they can enjoy the excitement of hair and make-up and beautiful gowns! After all  what’s not to like!?

If you or someone you know would like to take part then I’m ideally looking for women over 20, natural looking, (it won’t be about piling on lots of make up) and I’d especially like some long haired models, aside from that am open to all! Please use the Contact Me page or you can send me a  facebook personal message.

Here’s the stunning Verity at a previous Styled Wedding Shoot!7397 7568 warming etc coll lr 7403 7416 7428 b

Spring Blossom Special Offer!!!

9356BLOSS OFFER                                                                                                                                                                              As the stunning backdrop of the Cotswolds is brimming with colour at the moment it’s the ideal time to grab the camera and head outside to capture it!

For a limited time only I am offering Mini Shoots using outside spaces with Spring colour! There are plenty of fruit trees blossoming in Cheltenham in the parks and countryside or you may prefer to use a tree in blossom in your garden or somewhere special to you!

Another fantastic location I’m very keen to capture are the bluebell woods and bright yellow rape oil fields, although some folk are very allergic so best to check that first!

These ‘Mini Shoots’ are ideal for couple images, if you’ve just got engaged or are celebrating an anniversary or perhaps a baby bump shoot! It’s best suited to couples or small groups and/or pets too!

Mini Shoots are £50 for 45 minutes and include 2 digital 10 by 8 images, please use the Contact Me page to email me for more info!!!

Bumpalicious shoots!….

pic 1pic 4

I don’t know if it’s because Spring is in the air and the little lambs are jumping around and there’s bloom everywhere but I seem to be surrounded by beautiful, blooming bumpalicious ladies!!!

I’ve done a few Bump sessions recently and have a couple more lined up and I have to say I totally LOVE capturing this amazing time for people and photographing the truly awesome female body. I know pregnancy isn’t always the time when you feel your most photogenic but I don’t think it’s about ‘posing’ anyway, it’s a natural, everyday miracle and should be treasured!

One of the beautiful bump sessions I’ve enjoyed recently was extra special as the yummy mummy is expecting twins! And she looks so fantastic! I know she felt a little self-conscious at first but the results, I think are stunning! Really natural and something to be really proud of!

My Bump sessions can be part of a Bump to Baby package where there is a follow up session with the baby, either new born or up to 6 months. This makes an excellent gifts for a friend, family member, work colleague, (whose off on maternity leave) and a great gift to give collectively at a Baby Shower! Please contact me for prices via the Contact Me page (prices are around £250).


pic 2pic 3

SoGlosWedding Feature

It was lovely to see my images on the SoGlosWedding Directory website at the end of last week, featuring the Bassant’s -Lou and Dave who had a beautiful, hot and sunny wedding day at Hatton Court Hotel in Gloucestershire.

It was such a happy day!

Happy Easter folks!

Here at S.L Photography H.Q we’ve been on an Easter egg hunt in the garden! I loved doing this as a child (and still do!) I hope everyone’s enjoying a bit of family time and chance to relax over the Easter break!

8988 lr to use easter hunt

…be sure to wear flowers in your hair..

How pretty boho flowers and plaits/braids can look, a gorgeous idea for Brides or maybe bridesmaids for a relaxed yet styled look. suzilawrencephotography59 suzilawrencephotography77 lr suzilawrencephotography84 lr





Well, I for one am excited…Spring time is in the air and I’ve just celebrated my Birthday, which to anyone that knows me, is a BIG deal! I LOOOOOVE Birthdays and after the cold grey skies I’m very excited to see the sun out-it has filled me up with Spring-ing-inspiration!


So much so that I’ve created a little moodboard, so to explain here are some of  the gifts I was lucky enough to receive-a handmade heart shaped vic sponge (just enough for 1 really but I was feeling generous!), some gorgeous hot pink shoes in a sparkly new washbag and a tea caddy for my daily staple- currently Green tea, as well as the must have Yorkshire and Earl Grey (for those refined moments)!

The tree shot is a beautiful walnut tree at the end of my garden that is literally buzzing at the moment as it’s covered in giant bumble-bee’s, so not only does it look exciting it sounds pretty cool too!


The bottom image really does make me smile…I played with some cereal and love the results, I think that despite your age always remember to make fun wherever possible!


name in cereal

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Thought I’d share this quote I heard-

‘Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.’

happy mothers day

Sorry, it’s a bit soppy I know but my little one’s been rocking my world since he arrived and I bet the days of hand holding are numbered! Please pop over to my new Family Portrait and Portrait Options page and have a look, photographs make the perfect gift for any occasion and especially whilst their too little to say no!  (the pages aren’t yet visible on mobiles so only on laptop/computers, at the mo’-sorry!)



Celebrating with a Smash!

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For my son and some of our friends who have children the same age (these are some of a group of friends we made via our NCT group when pregnant) we decided to celebrate the milestone that is their 1st Birthdays by letting them get them covered in cake! This is such a lovely idea, photographing them mucking about, being allowed to eat then mush the cake everywhere and also being together! All of their individual personalities come out and it’s a chance to capture such a special time in a fun way!

I can arrange ‘Cake Smash’ shoots either at a studio or if you’re feeling brave enough at home and they can be done either as small groups (maximum 5) or individually. Please contact me for more details.













Out comes the sun and 2 AMAZING SPECIAL OFFERS!

Kim and Matt, Maismore

a Kim and Matt, Maismore

This image is from my first wedding many moons ago, but I still LOVE it, it shows the sense of excitement and joy that comes with your wedding day and how the photos should be fun and add to the day not something to dread! Anyhoo…to celebrate the sun coming out and general feeling of celebration for a very exciting year ahead I am offering 2 SPECIAL OFFERS!!! One is a massive £300 saving when you book a wedding and the other is a free Photoshoot, which can be your choice between an Engagement Shoot, a ‘Rock the Frock/Trash the Dress’ shoot or a free Portrait session to redeem at a later point (maybe a special occasion). These are great offers and therefore limited for more details please nip over to the Contact page and drop me an email! Happy Monday!!! 🙂