May, 2015

Models required for styled wedding shoot!

One of the great things about being a photographer is creating an image as well as capturing those that happen naturally. I’ve done a few styled wedding shoots and I really, really enjoy them, they give you the chance to work with other brilliant suppliers and to essentially ‘play’ with creative ideas and looks.

I have been very keen to do one for a while but finding the time has been tricky. I am lucky to have some fantastic suppliers lined up to work with and it looks like I may be doing a couple as there is almost too much to fit into 1 shoot! I have already got a couple of models ready but it’s always good to have more as different models lend themselves to different looks and styles. This next Styled Wedding Shoot is in a beautiful venue that I’m yet to shoot a wedding at but it is a photographers dream, it’ll be a very rustic and a ‘boho’ look, using lots of natural, outdoor light and (fingers crossed for sunshine) mostly in the gardens.

I like to reflect all the wonderful shapes and sizes that women are so will be hoping to photograph some plus sizes too.

I like to work with non professional models as it can often result in some stunning natural images that really WOW the models and they can enjoy the excitement of hair and make-up and beautiful gowns! After all  what’s not to like!?

If you or someone you know would like to take part then I’m ideally looking for women over 20, natural looking, (it won’t be about piling on lots of make up) and I’d especially like some long haired models, aside from that am open to all! Please use the Contact Me page or you can send me a  facebook personal message.

Here’s the stunning Verity at a previous Styled Wedding Shoot!7397 7568 warming etc coll lr 7403 7416 7428 b