March, 2015

…be sure to wear flowers in your hair..

How pretty boho flowers and plaits/braids can look, a gorgeous idea for Brides or maybe bridesmaids for a relaxed yet styled look. suzilawrencephotography59 suzilawrencephotography77 lr suzilawrencephotography84 lr





Well, I for one am excited…Spring time is in the air and I’ve just celebrated my Birthday, which to anyone that knows me, is a BIG deal! I LOOOOOVE Birthdays and after the cold grey skies I’m very excited to see the sun out-it has filled me up with Spring-ing-inspiration!


So much so that I’ve created a little moodboard, so to explain here are some of  the gifts I was lucky enough to receive-a handmade heart shaped vic sponge (just enough for 1 really but I was feeling generous!), some gorgeous hot pink shoes in a sparkly new washbag and a tea caddy for my daily staple- currently Green tea, as well as the must have Yorkshire and Earl Grey (for those refined moments)!

The tree shot is a beautiful walnut tree at the end of my garden that is literally buzzing at the moment as it’s covered in giant bumble-bee’s, so not only does it look exciting it sounds pretty cool too!


The bottom image really does make me smile…I played with some cereal and love the results, I think that despite your age always remember to make fun wherever possible!


name in cereal

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Thought I’d share this quote I heard-

‘Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.’

happy mothers day

Sorry, it’s a bit soppy I know but my little one’s been rocking my world since he arrived and I bet the days of hand holding are numbered! Please pop over to my new Family Portrait and Portrait Options page and have a look, photographs make the perfect gift for any occasion and especially whilst their too little to say no!  (the pages aren’t yet visible on mobiles so only on laptop/computers, at the mo’-sorry!)